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Hockey Jersey 6.5" x 3"
Beanie Hackey Sack
Hockey Jersey

WKRP was a T.V show in the late 1970's that poked fun at running a radio station. One episode focused around the Thanksgiving promotion created by the station manager. Mr. Carlson wanted to drop live turkeys from a helicopter high above the skies of Cincinnati. However, he forgot one thing, turkeys don't fly. Good concept! Terrible execution! So how do you get it right? Get it from someone who's in the business of getting it right. Our Soft Sport and Custom Design lines both create a lasting connection between your station and audience on and off the air. They are ideal for Prize Packs, Autograph Sessions, Catapult and Street Promotions (minus the live turkeys), Donation Requests, and Tournaments.

Our cutting edge lineup includes footballs, hockey pucks, basketballs, baseballs, footballs, rugby balls, soccer balls, cricket balls, curling rocks, figure and hockey skates, as well as sport-themed key chains, character images and specialty designs. Our Soft Sport line provides the ultimate in design flexibility in every imaginable color. Just think of your station's call letters on cow-spotted footballs or camouflage motif basketballs. Let us master the art of the impossible!

Sports Enthusiasts Programming Highlights:

Teen Vogue Magazine shows fashion sense with our #1 Foam Hands.

EZ Rock targets Soccer Moms with our PVC Beanie Soccer Balls.

CanWest Global tosses out our Soft Footballs with the Calgary Stampeders.

Country Music Television and Sports Enthusiasts strike the right note at music festivals across the Canada.

The Winnipeg Free Press kicks one through the uprights at Canad Inns Stadium with our Winnipeg Blue Bomber mini-footballs.

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• sports stations
• non-sports media
• schools & universities
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