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Foam Hockey Stick Waiver 8
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Fleece Blankets

At Sports Enthusiasts we believe that success is a contact sport. And there is no finer example of what that means than the Hospitality and Entertainment industries. From the quality of service to food, to your décor and your marketing activities, everything makes an impact on your patrons and bottom line. Do you know who is your customer and how to reach them effectively? Can you take that contact one step further? Sometimes the best promotional ideas are right in your own back yard….you know ….sitting in your own community.

From the little leagues to the big leagues there are many ways to get your location known and to put "customers in your seats". Try sponsoring a group, nearby college or university campus, local team, or professional team. Sports Enthusiasts offers you a recipe for success with your customers and how to engage them.

McDonald's hoops it up with the Dinos Basketball team and our Soft PVC Basketballs to attract hungry fans from the University of Calgary.

Rocan Productions uses our sign of the Devil foam hands during the filming of the movie "Rocker" starring Christina Applegate. Watch for the release in 2007.

Domino's Pizza® loves our product menu. From Rooter Poms to Inflatable Balls we deliver on sports premium excitement for their franchisee network. Due to the traveling distance between Asia and North America….unfortunately we are unable to extend a 30 minutes delivery guarantee or it's free.

Irish eyes are smiling as Guinness™ spreads the good cheer of St. Patrick's Day with Green Glittered Hats, Stickers and Flashing Shamrock LED pins in select on-premise activities.

Disney Studios advertises the in-cinema release of "Miracle" based on the true story of the 1980 United States Hockey Team's road to gold in the Olympics with our Beanie Hockey Pucks. In the words of sportscaster Al Michaels "Do you believe in miracles?" We Believe!

KFC and Taco Bell got ready for Grey Cup excitement with an in-store promo. When you ordered a 10 Piece Kickoff Meal you scored a Pebbled Souvenir Inflatable Football.

Hooter's gave a hoot about our Soft PVC footballs in their restaurants. In addition to the wings, it was a great way to spice up watching football on Monday nights.

Ralph's Sports Bar in Medicine Hat knows that our Soft PVC Hockey Pucks shout out to Tiger fans their location is "where good friends meet".

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